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How are transactions made through iPNOTE?

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iPNOTE is a third party between a client and a provider, who guarantees the process and the results of the work, that's why all payments go through iPNOTE.

iPNOTE works on a prepaid system with clients:

  1. As soon as a client confirms an offer, he will see the Pay Invoice button;

  2. When the client clicks the Pay Invoice button, he will be redirected to the payment page.

Note: iPNOTE uses Stripe for payments and payouts; it allows making payments fast and smooth.

💡Tip: Learn more about an offer confirmation in our article.

iPNOTE works on a postpaid system with providers:

1. As soon as a client confirms a provider's offer, the latter will get a notification about that by email:

2. When the client has paid for the task, the provider will receive a notification by email. This will allow the provider to initiate work with confidence that the deposit has been received:

3. After the work has been accepted, the provider may issue an invoice and send it to [email protected] and be paid in Stripe.

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