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What is iPNOTE?
General workflow at iPNOTE
General workflow at iPNOTE

How the clients work with the providers through iPNOTE

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The workflow is transparent and easy with iPNOTE since it contains a few steps which help both a client and a provider to optimise the workflow.

1. A client comes to AI Assistant and shares the service he wants to get and shares details about the business:

  1. Click AI Assistant;

  2. Click Start chat and describe the service you want to get;

  3. After the AI Assistant provided information, check if everything is fine, and click Create task.

2. The AI Assistant creates a detailed task and sends it to providers who can help.

3. The IP right will be automatically added and linked to the task.

💡Tip: Learn more about IP rights in our article.

4. The client chooses the most suitable attorney to seal the deal:

  • Click the company name to open its public profile on Attorney Marketplace.

  • Click Confirm below the provider's company;

  • Choose the reason;

  • Click Pay Invoice to proceed with the payment.

💡Tip: Learn more about an offer confirmation in our article.

4. If you have any questions, use Discussion to write a message in a direct chat:

  • Click the task;

  • Click Discussion;

  • Write your message and send it.

5. When the provider finishes the work, he fills in the data about the IP right:

  • Click Complete task;

  • Fill in the description and add some files;

  • Add the application data;

  • Click Send.

Note: the application biblio. data will be automatically added to the IP right, so the client will see it.

💡Tip: Learn more about task completion in our article.

6. When the provider gets the notification from Patent Office, he needs to upload a file to the IP right and create a task (the client will be notified automatically via email):

  • Find the necessary IP right;

  • Go to Files;

  • Click Add files;

  • Attach a necessary file and write some comments for the client;

  • Click Upload and create a task;

  • Put some deadlines and go to the next step;

  • Click Suggest price to give an offer to the client shortly.

💡Tip: click Upload if you need to upload files only (without further actions);

💡Tip: click Upload and create a reminder if you need to set up a reminder for the IP right.

💡Tip: Learn more about Reminders in our article.

Then everything occurs again and the data is added automatically.

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