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How to work with CSM at iPNOTE

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Case Management System will allow you to manage your client's IP portfolio, get some statistics, and optimize your daily workflow due to automation.

  • Adding a client

  1. Go to the Clients tab in your account;

  2. Click Plus button to add a new client;

  3. Fill in the company name and the county, and add a currency.

💡Tip: Add your local currency so the client will get your offers in the selected currency (e.g. CAD).

  • Inviting a client

If your clients want to get the notifications by email and see their IP portfolios, you can invite them:

  1. Go to the client's company using the Go to company button;

  2. Click Company and Staff;

  3. Click Add employees and complete the form.

💡Tip: give Editor rights if you want to allow the client to edit some information;

💡Tip: give Viewer rights if you want to allow the client to view the profile only.

  • Adding an IP right

  1. Go to the client's company, clicking the button Go to company.

  2. Click IP rights;

  3. Click Plus button to add the client's IP right.

  4. Fill in the IP right name and an IP type, and choose a country;

  5. Click Save.

Note: your company will be assigned as an agent automatically, and the client will see only you as a provider on our platform.

  • A task creation

  1. Go to your company account;

  2. Find the necessary IP right;

  3. Go to the Task section;

  4. Click Plus button to create a new task;

  5. Fill in the name, choose a service and deadlines (other data will be added automatically);

  6. Add some comments and files;

  7. Check the correctness and click Create task.

  8. Give an offer by clicking Suggest price.

Note: the client will get notifications about any actions by email automatically.

💡Tip: when your client confirms the offer, the workflow will be the same as with iPNOTE clients – click Initiate work and start working on the project.

  • A task completion

  1. When you finished the work, click Complete task;

  2. Fill in the description;

  3. Add some files and fill in the application number and date;

  4. Click Send.

Note: This data and the files will be automatically added to the linked IP right.
Note: The IP right status will be changed automatically.

  • Next stages

When you get any documents from Patent Offices, you can proceed to work on the IP right:

  1. Go to the IP right;

  2. Click Files;

  3. Click Add Files;

  4. Upload a document, choose a tag;

  5. Click Upload and create a task;

  6. Choose deadlines and click Next;

  7. Check the correctness and click Create task;

  8. Provide your offer clicking by Suggest price.

💡Tip: click Upload if you need to upload files only (without further actions);

💡Tip: click Upload and create a reminder if you need to set up a reminder for the IP right.

  • Reminders

Reminders can help you set up notifications for your internal processes so you don't miss anything. If your clients prefer not to work through the platform, you can also use Reminders to manage their IP portfolios. When you complete a Reminder, all documents and data will be automatically added to the IP rights.

You need to follow a few steps to set a reminder connected to the IP right:

  1. Find a necessary IP right and click it;

  2. Click the Reminders tab;

  3. Click Plus button to create a reminder;

  4. Fill in the required information (a name, a reminder type, a deadline etc.)

  5. Choose when you would like to get the notifications;

  6. Click Save.

Note: you may see all reminders in the Reminders tab, and you will get all notifications by email.

  • Payments

All payments will be made through your preferred payment method. You can track the transactions in the Invoices tab:

  1. Click the Invoices tab;

  2. Find the necessary invoice;

  3. Click Confirm receipt to confirm you received the payment.

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