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How to find IP partners to expand your services

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When your client has a request for IP services in any country, you need to post a task at iPNOTE and send it to providers to get offers and seal the deal. You can do it in a few clicks.

You need to follow a few steps to post a task:

  • Click New Task on the sidebar;

  • Fill in the Task name (e.g. Trademark registration in the USA);

  • Choose a Service you need (e.g. Filing an application);

  • Choose an IP type (e.g. Trademark);

  • Set up the deadlines ( when you will get a decision to start working on and when a provider needs to finish the task);

  • Leave some comments and add files;

💡 Tip: try to give as many details as you have in comments because it may depend on how fast the providers give an offer to you (e.g. We want to file a trademark "Name of the trademark" in 3 classes: 041, 036, 035)

  • Click Next Step;

  • Review all information and confirm if everything is correct;

💡 Tip: if you need to make some changes, click Edit.

  • Click Service providers to view all IP providers who can help you with your request;

  • Choose all service providers to compare their offers and choose the best one for your goals;

💡 Tip: If you want to see the company reviews and general information about it, click the provider's name.

  • Click Request for offer;

Now you can view offers from the IP providers on the Tasks tab. Just click View offers, and then you will see the offer and the delivery time.

If you want to ask some questions, click Discussion to open a direct chat with the provider.

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