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How to use Attorney Marketplace and find an IP partner

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Attorney Marketplace is a global marketplace with more than 700 IP law firms.
It helps iPNOTE users and visitors to find the best attorney for their goals in a few clicks. You may find general information about each company, its rating and reviews, and create a request right away.

Find an IP partner and send a request:

  1. Choose the Service you need (e.g. Filing an application);

  2. Choose the IP type (e.g. Trademark);

  3. Choose the Country where you want to get the Service (e.g. the United States);

  4. You will see the list of providers who can help;

  5. Click Create task and get offers;

  6. Add as many details as you have to our form and click Next step. You can ask for expert assistance to get offers faster;

  7. Fill in the tabs to register on iPNOTE to get offers.

Note: if you are already registered, the requests will be shown in your iPNOTE account.

💡 Tip: click View details to see more details, including reviews, about each provider.

Use parameters to direct your search:

iPNOTE allows you to find the best attorney for your goals using different parameters.

There are three main parameters: Locally certified, Trusted provider, and Additional filters.

  • Use the Locally certified parameter to see the providers who are certified in the country you are looking for. The provider gets a Locally certified label only when he attaches a document that proves he is eligible to practice;

  • Use the Trusted parameter to see the iPNOTE Trusted providers. You can view some details about the company (foundation year, number of cases etc.). The provider gets a Trusted provider label only when he attaches additional documents about his practice / company experience, and passes an additional iPNOTE verification;

  • Use the Additional filters to sort the providers by Language, Company size, Company country, and Certification.

Use Clear all data to clean all data and be redirected to the main page.

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