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How iPNOTE matches a client with IP providers

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As soon as you complete Public profile, you need to enlist the services you provide and countries where you can provide the services.

iPNOTE will match you with a client according to the services you have enlisted in your account.

You need to follow a few steps:

  1. Go to Services in the Company profile;

  2. Select a Service (e.g. Filing an application);

  3. Choose an IP type from a dropbox (e.g. Trademark);

  4. Fill in the Countries where you provide the Service;

  5. An owner of the account will be automatically assigned as a Task owner*;

  6. Click Save when you enlisted all Services.

* a Task owner is a person who is responsible for the service. You can appoint your employees as Task owners for different services.

💡 Tip: Add all countries and regions where you provide services or have a trusted partner/ an office.

Now you are set up and will be shown in a provider list when a client posts a request on our platform.

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