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What is a public profile? Why do you need that?

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It is necessary to complete a Public profile to get started with iPNOTE. As soon as iPNOTE moderators approve the Public profile, it will be visible in our Attorney directory.

You need to follow three steps:

  1. Go to Public profile in the Company profile.

  2. Fill in the following tabs:

    • A square logo size of your company;

    • Company size;

    • IP types you are working with;

    • A description (avoid the company name);

    • The languages you can speak with the client;

    • Attach a certificate/ license to any document to prove your attorney's status (nobody, excluding our moderators, will view it).

    • Select the technology areas in which you specialize. This will enable you to showcase your expertise in your profile, allowing clients to identify your specializations and send direct requests to you.

  3. Check the box to confirm that you agree with iPNOTE's Terms of Use and that you have provided accurate information.

  4. Click on Submit for approval. Our moderators will check it and let you know.

You are always welcome to check our tutorials.

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